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Customer Comments from Surveys

The following customer comments were included on customer satisfaction surveys returned to Apple. Included below are only those comments customers allowed Apple to share.

“Very friendly and knowledgeable understood my problem and quickly resolved it.”


“Continue to provide great support/service. It is a tremendous front/end selling point that will be spread by satisfied customers like us. Watch out for those accountants who want to cut costs by hiring cheaper or outsourcing help. It's like deciding to save money on your car by not changing the works for a little while. See Dell.”


“Great place if and when I need service in the future this is where I will go!!”

Here are some recent testimonials:

I had some problems with my Mac and I knew it was too old for a warranty. The MacMan replaced our hard drive and everything is running beautifully! The best part of my experience with the MacMan is that they were very helpful; they never made me feel stupid or like I didn't know what I was talking about. They listened to my descriptions and diagnosed the problem. Thanks, Bob & Chuck!

- Lynn


I've been working with the MacMan for almost 20 years and every time I use them, they're friendly, efficient, and affordable. I own my own business, so every minute I'm away from my computer is costing me money. Bob and Chuck are not only conscientious of my time, but they are always helpful about any issues I have, even if it's not the reason I brought my machine to them. That value-added service has kept me coming back through the years. If you have a Mac and you need service, I would definitely recommend them!

- Michelle

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